Neuromuscular Dentistry: Migraine,Chronic Daily Headache and TMJ Treatment. Find A Neuromuscular Dentist at ICCMO,The International College of CranioMandibular Orthopedics

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ICCMO, The International College of CranioMandibular Orthopedics is the premier group representing Neuromuscular Dentistry since founded by Barney Jankelson, The father of Neuromuscular Dentistry.


“The American section of ICCMO has created a new website to help patients find Neuromuscular Dentists and to learn about treatment of headaches, migraines and TMJ disorders utilizing neuromuscular concepts to achieve a physiologically healthy bite

 The International College of CranioMandibular Orthopedics is a society of health care professionals who are devoted to the study of the anatomy and physiology of the stomatognathic system with special emphasis on Neuromuscular occlusion, jaw function and orthopedics dysfunction (TMJ-D) with effects across the entire body. Primary functions include chewing, eating, smiling, communication and maintenance of a health airway during the day and during sleep.

ICCMO has recently created an exciting new website to help patients Find A Neuromuscular Dentist.

The Neuromuscular Treatment has been shown to be very effective in treating patients with a wide variety of problems including TMJ disorders, Jaw Pain, Sinus Pain, Neck Pain, Migraines, Chronic Daily Headaches, Otalgia (ear pain) and many other types of pain and postural dysfunction. To find a Neuromuscular Dentist visit hit the TMJ Patients tab and read each section including:

TMJ 101

How to Mange Your TMJ

Signs of TMJ

Symptoms of TMJ

Causes of TMJ

Treatment of TMJTMJ Testimonials..In Chicago

Then go to the Find a Neuromuscular Dentist and type in your state to find Neuromuscular Dentists in your area.

An excellent description of Neuromuscular Dentistry that was written by this author and published in the ICCMO Anthology can be found at:

The primary objectives of the ICCMO members from the website are;

“ICCMO members pledge to apply the highest level of integrity and objectivity in the care of their patients, and the organization pledges itself to the following:

To understand the physiology of jaw function

To alleviate the widespread human suffering of those persons afflicted with head and neck pain and dysfunction (TMJ-D)

To encourage study of the anatomy, physiology, biophysics and pathology of the human neuromuscular system

To develop research and educational programs that will identify and define the principles of neuromuscular dentistry

To teach interested professionals how the principles of neuromuscular dentistry are applicable to the treatment of malocclusion, dental restoration, and the various pathological conditions of headache, sleep apnea, temporomandibular dysfunction, and head and neck postural dysfunction

To encourage research and development of equipment that allows objective measurement and recording of normal function and existing pathological neuromuscular conditions of the bones, muscles, nerves, joints and ligaments of the head and neck

To sponsor educational scientific meetings that provide instruction in the application of these various neuromuscular principles to the practice of dentistry

To encourage our members in this field of scientific endeavor for the ultimate benefit of the people of the world

To promote publications of neuromuscular studies in dentistry

To actively endeavor to maintain “Freedom of Practice” for all of the College’s members enabling them to practice in accordance with their professional expertise, license and the needs and desires of each patient and to protect their right to “Freedom of Practice”

Exchange of ideas, practices and research”

Dr. Bernard Jankelson is the undisputed Father of the field of Neuromuscular Dentistry and the Dental Occlusion Concepts. He also founded ICCMO in 1979 with an international group of clinicians and dental educators. ICCMO was created as a not for profit organization to provide an open forum for the free exchange of ideas, practices, and research in the field of neuromuscular dentistry. The members have always strived for a professional, noncompetitive and friendly atmosphere.

I want to disclose that as author I am both a member, Secretary and Fellow of ICCMO and had the pleasure to train with Dr J and I was sponsored by him to become a member of ICCMO. I currently treat patients in Gurnee and Highland Park, Illinois and I am the representative of ICCMO to the TMD Alliance and the current Chair of the TMD Alliance. My Highland Park office website is

ICCMO currently has active Sections in the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Russia and South America. ICCMO has played a key role throughout these years in gaining recognition and acceptance of neuromuscular dentistry (NMD) and the computerized measurement devices used in clinical practice in the US and abroad. In addition, the ICCMO is a member of the American Alliance of TMD Organizations.

Patients who are looking for treatment of TMJ disorders, TMD, Chronic Daily Headches and Migraines are well advised to seek out a Dentist actively involved with the International College. The next ICCMO meeting is in Kyoto, Japan on April 18 and 19 2015. This author was scheduled to speak but had to cancel my trip due to family and business matters but I did have the pleasure of attending the meeting 18 months ago in Germany and deliver a lecture in the meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina. More information about the meeting is available at: … oto-japan/

The website states “ICCMO members have proven the validity of neuromuscular dental principles and practices through programs at universities, dental organizations and governmental bodies, together with scientific publications in peer reviewed medical and dental journals.

North American ICCMO members on behalf of the College have made presentations before the ADA, USFDA and NIDCR (NIH).

Similar activities have transpired in Europe, Japan and South America. Textbooks on TMD have been authored by ICCMO members and published in the US, Japan, and Italy.”

Dr Ira L Shapira is an author and section editor of Sleep and Health Journal. Sleep and Health is a unique monthly periodical dedicated to public education about healthy sleep as a foundation for general health. GOOD HEALTH means Good SLEEP and High ALERTNESS

Sleep and Health represents a Forum of opinions, giving voice to public concerns as well as health professionals about problems in the Health Care. Over the years Sleep and Health has not shunned or avoided controversy and has been engaged in sharp public debates on important health issues. Reader’s feedback was and is always important to us.

As a founding member of The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (formerly the Sleep Disorder Dental Society) Dr Shapira was among the first dentists to become a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and was also a founding and charter member of DOSA, The Dental Organization for Sleep Apnea. He is currently involved in the Dental Sleep Masters program that is promoting universal sleep screening.

Dr Shapira did research utilizing neuromuscular dentistry on the similarities in jaw position in sleep apnea and TMJ patients in the 1980’s as a visiting assistant professor at Rush Medical School where he worked with Rosalind Cartwright PhD who is primarily responsible for the entire field of Dental Sleep Medicine. He also studied with Dr Barney Jankelson who created the initial concepts that neuromuscular dentistry still uses today and created a company Myotronics that is the leading manufacturer of instrumentation used by Neuromuscular Dentistry. 

His research showed that TMJ and Sleep Apnea patients had very similar jaw postures.

Dr Shapira has maintained a general dental practice with a special emphasis on sleep and pain in Gurnee, Il and has recently started Chicagoland Dental Sleep Medicine Associates in Highland Park. More information on Sleep, TMJ and Headache Treatment can be found on his websites. (Gurnee Office) (Highland Park office)

Dr Ira L Shapira is an author and section editor of Sleep and Health Journal, President of I HATE CPAP LLC, President Dato-TECH, President of Sleep Well Illinois, Dr Shapira also holds several patents on methods and devices for the prophylactic minimally invasive early removal of wisdom teeth and collection of bone marrow and stem cells. He is currently working with Dr Tom Diekwisch at the University of Illinois and Baylor University to prove these stem cells can change peoples lives for the better. Dr Shapira is a licensed general dentist in Illinois and Wisconsin.

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